NPR Video Premiere: Le Volume Courbe’s “Rusty”

NPR exclusively premieres the video for Le Volume Courbe’s “Rusty” directed by Nathalie Gasdoue.

Singer/songwriter Charlotte Marionneau says of the clip: “The video is very much an extension of the song in the sense that it was shot by two dear friends and edited by my best friend, video director Nathalie Gasdoue. It’s Nathalie’s first music video. I wanted the video to be about friendship so it does include many of my close friends. Nothing was staged — it was done spontaneously with an iPhone at different locations without the song being played and without the people knowing they were being filmed for the video (except me). The footage was filmed at different times in the U.S., U.K. and France and put together like a collage where the American deer meets the French donkey.”

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