Nights & Weekends “Fading Light” Video

Nights & Weekends “Fading Light” debut video, set inside Los Angeles – 2078 – is an exploration of a dystopian reality on earth where a mysterious symbol in the sky reveals itself to our planet. Some humans decide to live their days without paying any attention to this extraterrestrial symbol, but others are controlled by it. Following our lead (Troian Bellisario, Pretty Little Liars) we go on an adventure through a movement therapy class where people gather to seek real and emotional connection to strangers, we travel through the streets of Los Angeles and eventually end up at a cliffs-edge to where her lover is waiting. Instead of using words, they talk in movement as they explore the stages of a relationship, embracing and then retracting, to embracing again. In many ways this is a sci-fi love story set inside a magical realistic world where society seeks connection during what could be the end of the world.

Welcome Emmy-winning Sound Design & Mixer, Eddie Kim!
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