No Parents

No Parents is being touted left and right as the one of the most exciting new bands to come out of LA’s DIY garage punk scene, and their debut album, May the Thirst be With You, is a perfect reminder of how redundant the term DIY is when it comes to punk in the first place. Formed in August 2013, the band gets their name from the house-party chant “No Parents!”, literally chanted at parent-are-out-of-town rangers where this punk quartet coalesced. To call them irreverent feels like such a understatement that it’s almost beside the point. The longest song on the album tops out at 3:13, and there is an unfettered, bare-all, aggressively funny energy to every track. Their live performances are already legendary, and a spat of 30 roughly 30-second b-sides, complete with self-produced youtube videos, will be released exclusively on RTA. We’re tempted to say something about No Parents and the so-called youtube generation, but we think they might make fun of us for it. They’re young to call themselves No Parents, after all, and that unspoiled, optimistic hedonism is infectious. Part of the Bleached tour 2016.



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