Early last Fall, Hands walked into White Iris Studios to record their latest single “I Want To Know” / “Exactly Sharp” with producer Lewis Pesacov at the wheel. We felt compelled to record this band at this early stage in their career – to capture their contagious energy, and to hear them as they made new strides in the studio. Their adventurous blending of organic and electronic elements, ferocious percussion and impassioned vocals is the sound of a band in constant discovery. The sound of collaboration.
We at White Iris thrive on this idea. That we can combine our talents and services with an artist’s to produce something neither could have done on their own. The results speak for themselves. Lead off single “I Want To Know” is both angular and ethereal. The chorus exploding out of atmospheric bliss. Geoff Halliday sings with urgency and sincerity, switching between a softer, almost observational character and one of unmasked emotion.
B-side “Exactly Sharp” offers perfect driving music, recalling dappled sunlight through a windshield on an afternoon journey. Falsetto harmonies soar, loosely tethered to the chugging rhythm of the band below. We love the way Hands builds and releases momentum. How they add and subtract space from their arrangements, keeping the listener gleefully on edge and in expectation. We see great things in store for Hands and we are proud to be offering their new single in 50 gram vinyl.


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